Which Instagram Scheduler Is Right For You?

I have been using an Instagram scheduler practically since I opened my account. When I first started it, I didn't have a high quality camera phone, so taking photos with my phone was out of the question. I mean, I'm talking super pixelated photos where you can't make out details or my face.

So if I wanted to post photos to Insta, I had to take photos with my DSLR, edit them on my desktop, email the photos to myself, open the email from my phone and save them, then finally upload to Instagram. Sheesh - 23 step process for one stinking post. Annoying, amiright?

I found a more streamlined way by utilizing an Instagram scheduler. I could upload photos from my computer directly to the app and just hit post from my phone. It was a major time saver! And I'm all about working as efficiently as possible. #notenoughhours

If you've never used an Instagram scheduler before, the basic premise is this:

  1. Upload a photo to the scheduling app.
  2. Type in your captions and hashtags.
  3. Set a time and date that you want the photo to be scheduled.
  4. The app sends you a push notification on your phone to upload the photo.
  5. You go into the scheduling app to upload the photo to Instagram, paste the caption and post!

And then not so long ago, new apps were springing up with drag and drop grids. I could now make my Instagram grid all pretty pretty by moving around my photos in the planning stages. As a visual brander where branding and visual aesthetics is everything, this totally rocked my world.

If you've been wanting to explore Instagram schedulers, then this is the post for you, my dear! I'm about to break down three main schedulers that offer free accounts. None of them will automatically post the photos for you. I do not trust any companies that claim to be able to auto post as this is strictly against Instagram's terms of service. I like to err on the side of caution when it comes to all my hard work. #fulldisclaimer


    Later, formerly Latergram, was the first scheduler I ever used. This was before they offered the drag and drop grid. I used it just to be organized and get my photos in a calendar. It has really improved over the years and here's what I like/dislike about it:


    • Can bulk upload a batch of photos to your scheduling calendar.
    • Gives 30 free uploads per month
    • Can save captions
    • Media library allows you to store your photos to use later
    • Offers a monthly calendar at a glance
    • Able to pre-set posting times


    • Analytics are available only on the desktop
    • Drag and drop grid (called Preview) is only available on the desktop


    Planoly is a new player in town and they are seriously knocking it out of the park! As the leader in the now very required drag and drop grid for any Instagram scheduling app, Planoly is really intuitive and has a beautiful user interface. Still, there are a few drawbacks.


    • Can schedule stories and multiple photos
    • Gives 30 free uploads per month
    • Has a placeholder feature
    • Drag and drop grid is available on desktop and mobile
    • Analytics are available on desktop and mobile
    • Has comment manager on desktop and mobile
    • Offers a monthly calendar at a glance


    • Can't bulk upload photos to the calendar
    • Does not save captions
    • Can't pre-set posting times


    When I saw that UNUM offered 500 uploads for FREE, I was like, "Whoa, that's super awesome!" But I was soon deterred when I realized this was a mobile only app and you could only view 18 squares at a time before you were required to upgrade. 

    Since I post photos almost always from my DSLR, it's more convenient for me to use an app that is available on the desktop and mobile. I used UNUM very briefly, but it was extremely limiting for me. If you exclusively post mobile photos, then I think you will like the free features UNUM has to offer.


    • Drag and drop grid, but only available on mobile
    • Can do alternate grid views
    • Gives 500 free uploads per month
    • Analytics show best time of day to post <-- such an awesome feature
    • Free video uploads
    • Phantom mode allows you to temporarily hide/delete photos in your grid
    • Add multiple accounts for free


    • Currently not available on Android
    • This is a mobile app ONLY, which is great if you exclusively post mobile photos
    • Shows only 18 images at a time (more can be made available in the paid plan)

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    In conclusion...

    I would love to stay loyal to Later, but being able to fiddle with my grid on my phone through Planoly has been making me use them consistently for several months. It's the most important feature for me right now, although I would love if I could have one app that could preset posting times, allow me to bulk upload my photos, save captions AND have a drag and drop grid on the mobile app. 

    Which Instagram scheduler is the right one for you? Tell me in the comments below!

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