5 Things To Perfect In Your Product Photos

5 Things To Perfect In Your Product Photos | Planq Studio | product photography, blog photography, visual marketing, Etsy, photography tips

The other day I was shopping for new props in Etsy. I was looking for a letter board. You know - those bulletin boards with channels of black/gray/white felt that you stick plastic Helvetica letters into so you can write a clever pun? 

Anyway, I was browsing Etsy to see all their options. Let me tell you. There are a TON of options. Everyone and their grandma are selling letter boards in all colors and sizes on Etsy. 

In a competitive market such as letter boards, it quickly became apparent to me how much good photography will make your store stand out above the rest. As an online buyer, since I can't get up close and personal with your product to be able to inspect the quality and touch the merchandise, good product photography is now more important than ever.

Read on for the five things you need to perfect when photographing your products.


An out of focus - or blurry - photo will lose you ALL the brownie points. Don't even think of posting any photos that aren't tack sharp. They're unprofessional and they hurt our eyes. This is truly a PSA. Please don't. 

If you're prone to shaky hands or you live on a boat, invest in a tripod to eliminate the shakes.  


Whether you shoot your products under a lightbox or natural light, good lighting is key. Your products need to be bright and visible. The details need to stand out. In the case of the letter boards, the lighting should show the channels in the felt.

You also don't want your photos to have too much light either that everything is over exposed. Get the exposure just right. And for the love of God, please turn off your flash.


When I was shopping for letter boards, I pretty much skipped past any shop that had too many busy photos. I'm talking overly styled, poorly styled, and photos with unattractive backgrounds. A good product photo should showcase the product. That's it. Keep the backgrounds and props simple and minimal.


You know what? White balance is hard to achieve. I still struggle with this from time to time, especially after staring at my computer for hours. But there are some photos that are obviously too yellow or too blue.

When perfecting your white balance, look at the whites in the photos. Make sure they're white and not ivory or gray. That's how you'll get them perfect.


If you're selling more than one product, it's important to make sure your product photos have the same look across the board. The lighting should be the same. The backgrounds should be the same. The styling should be the same. Get the picture?

This is important so the customer knows they are in your "store." When I click on the portal that takes me to your shop of products, you need to show me that I am absolutely shopping in your store. Not a store that carries a dozen different brands.

What do you keep in mind when you're taking product photos? What are some tricks that you use? Share them with me in the comments below! 

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