4 Ways To Style Clothes For Product Photos


When I was about 12 years old, I remember going shopping with my mom one day. I came home with all things pink: pink jelly shoes, pink jumprope, and a pink dress... or maybe it was a pink top?

My love for pink pretty much stopped that day. I mean, I enjoyed my new purchases, but I rarely bought anything pink anymore after that. It turned out I didn't much like doing a lot of things other girls liked doing. Loving pink and shopping being a couple of them.

If truth be told, shopping for more than two hours gives me a massive headache. This is why I always plan my shopping trips in advance. I must know where to go, how much I can expect to pay and, most importantly, whether what I need is in stock.

Shopping for clothes is no different for me. I will admit to window shopping way more than buying anything. I like looking to see how things are merchandised and how products are creatively styled to draw in customers. If you are in the business of selling clothes in your handmade store, below are 4 ways to styles clothes for your product photos.

1  |  HANG IT

There are two ways you can hang clothing when wardrobe styling. The first way is to hang them on hangers. Group them together on a chic garment rack to showcase your new fall line. The other way is to hang them on hooks. This approach is simple and gives off that casual vibe.

2  |  STACK IT

Stacking clothing looks best when each garment is folded. The trick is to have each item folded the same size and same way so there is continuity in the stack. Keep your stack to no more than 5 articles to avoid any toppling over.


Laying your clothes flat is a popular way to style clothing. The best way to style this look is to create an outfit for the flat lay. Create your composition around the focus piece and include accessories like jewelry, scarves and shoes to really sell the ensemble. Styling your clothing like this really helps your customer get a better idea of how to best wear your item(s) as an outfit.

4  |  WEAR IT

Probably by far the most difficult to accomplish because this styling approach requires a model. You can use a mannequin or a dress form in place of a live person, but I find that a real model sells better. Have your clothes styled on a person gives your customers a better understanding of how your pieces move and drape. These are all really important selling points in wardrobe styling.

Which of these 4 ways do you use to style your clothes? What's your biggest challenge about wardrobe styling? Tell me in the comments below!

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