DIY Infinity Scarves


I recently went to my first clothing swap party.  It was a relaxing afternoon with a bunch of girls shopping through clothes each of us had allocated for the donation bin.  There was no walking from store to store in a mall or fighting crowds or waiting in long lines for a dressing room.  Best of all, this type of shopping didn't cost us a dime.  Some of us walked away with more "new" clothes than others, while some others left with two or three items.  I stayed until the end of the party and helped to bag the remaining clothing to be dropped off at a charity.  In doing so, we were able to look at the misfits and marvel over some good pieces that no one wanted.  My friend suggested a tank top that still had its tag attached, which I decided to adopt.  I also claimed these two scarves that were headed to the donation pile.  In all honesty, I have more than enough scarves in my wardrobe, but I just couldn't resist these bright turquoise and kelly green ones.

I took these two scarves home with the intent of turning them into infinity scarves, a type of scarf I don't own and really wanted.  I couldn't justify altering any of my existing (paid for) scarves, but these ones from the swap were free, so I didn't feel bad about redesigning them at all.


The green scarf had a nice finished edge sans fringe.  Here's what I did with this scarf:

Seems so silly that I've detailed the steps in making these scarves - they're SO simple!  I could have left the scarf alone after the first step, but I liked the idea of having a flat seam that wouldn't bunch when I wore it.  (Apologies for my bad sewing job.)


The turquoise scarf had fringe.  Keeping the fringe after the alteration would result in a bulky scarf. Here's how I rectified the problem:

Now.... what should I do with the fringe...?

Here they are!  My brand new infinity scarves courtesy of a clothing swap.  The blue one was wrapped twice and the green one wrapped once.  Many thanks to their original owners for throwing them out!  What do you think?  Have I inspired you to make your own?

Total time: About 15 minutes each.

Total cost: The scarves were 100% free, but I did have to buy the threads to match.  However, I only used a very little bit of each color and I'll probably find a use for the colors on another project at another time.