Fun Ideas For Photo Booth Props

Fun Ideas For Photo Booth Props | Planq Studio

Photo booths are all the rage, aren't they? Whether it's a set up with a fabric backdrop on a wall and a photographer manning the camera or an actual box where you draw the curtain and take some goofy photos by looking at yourself on a screen, it's hard to deny how much fun they are.

During the planning process of our wedding, my husband was insistent that we have a photo booth. A real one that would print the photos for you on the spot so our guests could have a souvenir to take home. While the company we chose provided a box of props, I also had to supply a few of my own. Ya know... just in case theirs were lame. I want to share with you a few fun ideas for photo booth props that you can use at your wedding or next big soiree.

Fun Ideas For Photo Booth Props | Planq Studio
Fun Ideas For Photo Booth Props | Planq Studio
Fun Ideas For Photo Booth Props | Planq Studio
Fun Ideas For Photo Booth Props | Planq Studio


We created some fun photo booth props from foam sheets in various colors. We found the templates online, cut them out and traced them onto the foam sheets. The face accessories were cut out and glued to long craft dowels. Mix and match them in the photo booth for funny faces and personality. All the materials can be found at the dollar stores for a budget friendly photo booth prop.


Chalkboards are great for writing messages. Personally, this item should be a staple for any fun photo booth prop. Don't forget to include (lots of) chalk and (a few) chalkboard erasers. A guest at our wedding used a piece of chalk as a cigarette in his photo. So clever!

This is a prop you can definitely DIY also. Take a picture frame, cut a piece of 1/8" MDF or hardboard to fit inside the frame and paint the smooth side with chalkboard paint. When dry, frame the board without the glass. I make all my chalkboards this way.  

Other ideas that you can write messages on include:

  • Dry erase boards, or...
  • DIY it by framing a sheet of plain, white paper with a picture frame. Then write directly on the glass.
  • Speech bubbles - Make this also! Cut the shape on foam board and adhere one side of the board with clear Con-Tact paper. Then tape a wood dowel to the back side and write directly on the adhesive side.

3  |  HATS

Cowboy hat. Santa hat. Elf hat. Floppy sunhat. Fedora. Feathered cap. ALL HATS!!! If you have ostentatiously colorful hats in your closet, please include them in your photo booth props! I think the more exaggerated the hat is, the funnier they are in photos.

4  |  MASKS

Masks are a really fun photo booth prop. They can tell such a hilarious story in your photo booth pics. Pirate masks are definitely a fan favorite, but even something as simple as a black eye patch can be quite memorable if worn by the right party-goer!


On his bachelor party, my husband's friends made him wear some pretty embarrassing things in public. One of them being a giant clown bowtie. But you know what, they sure make an awesome photo booth prop! With this idea, you have to go BIG or go home! Don't even think of pulling out any everyday suit tie and bowtie from your closet here.


Are feathered boas a bit cliche? Maybe. But then, so is everything on this list so far! Still, I'd include them if you have them because they are so much fun to use as a lasso in your photo.

7  |  WIGS

Aside from masks, I don't know any photo booth prop that will change someone's look quicker than a wig. These don't even have to be silly or over-the-top. They just need to be wigs. Fill your photo booth prop box with all colors and styles. Someone will wear them, trust me.


This is another prop for the photo booth that can't be everyday wear. Sunglasses or any eyewear used as a photo booth prop MUST be oversized, plastic, colorful, and just plain stupid looking. Nothing less will suffice. 

9  |  SWORDS

If you haven't done so already, let the inner kid in you shine for the photo booth. Having toy swords in your photo booth prop box can make great opportunity for fun fight scenes in your photos. Let your childhood imagination run wild!


And lastly, an item that I haven't seen in any other photo booths... the magnifying glass! We had this in our photo booth prop box at our wedding and there were so many laugh out loud hilarious photos when the magnifying glass was used. Basically, every one just looked plain goofy with one eye or body part ridiculously magnified.

Word to the wise: tip the glass slightly upward so the flash from the camera doesn't catch the glare of it. 

One last tip: Photo booth props don't have to be expensive at all. We have filled our photo booth prop box by shopping the day after Halloween sales and the dollar stores. Or shop your home. You might be surprised to see what you have hiding in your closet!

What items have you used as a fun photo booth prop?  I'd love to hear them!

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