4 Steps To Fabulous Flat Lays


I'm sitting here working on how to write this post. I glance nervously at the clock, my heart rate increases as I watch the minutes tick by. My 13-month old baby will be waking in an hour and I'm still staring at a blank screen. 

Suddenly, my husband noisily enters my studio. He's just returned from Staples who was having a Teacher Appreciation Day. My husband is included in this elite group because he has been a PE and social studies high school teacher for nearly ten years. So yeah, he's gonna take advantage of all the teacher specials this back-to-school season brings.

He shows me his Teacher Appreciation gift from Staples. It's a black leather-like notebook with a gold foil design on the cover and a matching pen attached. He's so proud of this gift that he announces, "I'm going to flat lay this and post it."

And on his heels he turns. I bellow with laughter as his words registers in my brain.

"Should I put them on a white or black background?" he asks.

Oh my God, he's serious. "White because the book is black." I say this just to humor him.

He throws together a flat lay of this notebook and pen and the coupons that came with the gift on the black and white foam mat floor of our baby's playroom. He arranges the items in a fan shape, then pulls out the pen from the holder attached to the notebook. "I should probably take the pen out to draw more attention towards the book." 

Somewhere, uncontrollable laughter erupts in the room. Oh, that came from me.

This is his first flat lay. And to my knowledge, his first attempt at a flat lay of any kind.

He is so adorable trying to be creative. Trying to do what I do. I just love him so much for giving me a break from the blank screen and motionless fingers resting at the keyboard. And mostly, for giving me something to write about for this post.

You see, I'm hosting an online workshop where I share my 4 simple steps to creating fabulous flat lays. My husband knows this and "flat lay" have been the words du jour at home for every day this past week.

I promise you that I'll be showing you much more interesting things than fan-shaped arrangements with free teacher gifts from Staples on a foam mat background.

Join me in this FREE workshop and see for yourself! All the details about it and how to register can be found in the button below. Hope to see you there!

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