DIY Paper Poppies

DIY Paper Poppies | Planq Studio

I know it doesn't seem like I've been doing anything because I haven't posted anything here in awhile, but I swear I've got a million projects around the house. Something always seems to come up to keep me from finishing them. I did, however, make time to participate in the Creative Challenge. This month, the challenge was to make paper flowers.

DIY Paper Poppies | Planq Studio

Design*Sponge posted this gorgeous image of poppies on Instagram, which was originally posted by @aquietstyle and I just knew it would be the inspiration to my paper flower creation. (Also, if you're looking for a new Instagram feed to follow, I highly recommend @aquietstyle - she posts nothing but the loveliest of images!)

DIY Paper Poppies | Planq Studio

Anyone who knows anything about DIY paper flowers knows that Lia Griffith is the current hot name when it comes to making paper flowers. She is unmatched in all her paper creations. That is seriously one talented lady! Of course, I had to consult her blog to see how she's made paper poppies. I took a lot of her instructions, but added a few spins of my own.

This is my version of DIY paper poppies, made with tissue paper. Read on for the tutorial of how I made these.

Supply List

• Floral wire, cut to 12" length (give or take) • Floral tape • Scissors • Glue • For the petals: White tissue paper, cut into roughly 2"-3" fat circles (6 petals) • For the center: Green tissue paper, cut into 1" circle; cut 1/2" fringe along the edge (1 green) • For the yellow center: Yellow tissue paper, cut into 1.5" circle; cut 1/8" fringe along the edge (2 yellow)

TIP: Fold tissue paper into layers to cut several petals and centers at once.


DIY Paper Poppies | Planq Studio

Step 1
Create a small loop at one end of the wire.
Step 2
Take a scrap of green tissue paper, about 1.5" x 1.5", and scrunch into a tiny ball. Insert the looped end of the wire into the ball.
Step 3
Take another scrap of green tissue, about 1.5" x 3", and wrap over the scrunched up ball.
Step 4
Secure green tissue to the wire with green floral tape.
Step 5
Insert the fringed green center through the bottom of the wire. Gently widen the hole to fit over the tape. Adhere green center to the green bud with glue.
Step 6
Insert the fringed yellow centers the same way as you did with the green center.
Step 7
Glue petals to the outside of the yellow center. Adhere petals one at a time. The first layer will have 3 petals.
Step 8
Glue the second layer of petals, also 3 petals. You can offset the petals or have them line up with the first layer. I liked it better a little offset so the flower looked fuller.

The beauty of this flower is that it doesn't need to be perfect! You can pleat the petals or pinch the bottoms or not. It doesn't matter!

Step 9
Wrap the exposed wire with green floral tape.
Step 10
Scrunch up the flower into a cone. Really scrunch it up to get the petals all nice and crinkly! Then unfurl the petals and roll the edges in and out or add more pleats as you see fit. Fluff up the centers by brushing out the fringes. Your flower is complete!

DIY Paper Poppies | Planq Studio

DIY Paper Poppies | Planq Studio

You can also make the poppies in different colors! White, yellow, pink, red, and orange are some of the more popular ones.

DIY Paper Poppies | Planq Studio

DIY Paper Poppies | Planq Studio

I was really surprised at how simple it was to make these flowers. Working with tissue paper makes them so forgiving. I hope you'll give them a try. Please let me know if you do! And send pictures! Have a great weekend!

PROJECT SUMMARY: X Total Cost: I had all the supplies at home, so these flowers didn't cost me a penny. If you don't have the supplies, they can all be picked up from the dollar store. X Total Time: Each flower takes about 30 minutes. The first flower will take the longest, but once you get the hang of it, the next flowers will go by a bit faster.

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