Hello! My name is My-Van. (Pronounced like: my car, my truck, my van! And yes, the hyphen counts!) I've gone by the moniker "M" for many, many years so you're welcome to call me that. In fact, I sign all my correspondence that way. I mean, let's be real: 5 letters, 2 capitals, and a hyphen is just too much to write every time.

Here are the nuts and bolts about me...

I grew up in the smallish city of Seattle (maybe you've heard of it???) where I studied, graduated, and worked in interior design for more than ten years. Then one day, I said, "This life is wearing me out. I'm gonna move to Europe! And be European! And do all the awesome things that Europeans do!" Technically, it wasn't that simple and grand of a decision, but the details will have to be saved for my big "memoir."

I was having the time of my life living and traveling in Europe (and beyond), when BAM! I met a guy. I know... there's always a guy. This time, the guy was Canadian. So darn old Cupid's arrow hit hard and I moved to Vancouver to live with him for a respectable amount of time before we got married. We've recently just had our first child. *Awww, heart eyes*

While abroad, I decided I couldn't go back to the stuffy work of interior design, laboring long hours to meet deadlines and droning over projects that took months and years to see the finish line. That's when I considered photo styling. I had dabbled a bit of it as an interior designer working with photographers to stage our spaces just so for our portfolio. A lot of people would get frustrated at having to move a salt and pepper shaker around ten times before they "made" the room, but not me! Every time I stepped into those shoes, I felt so much freedom and confidence. I had to explore it further. But tapping into the world of photo styling is no easy feat. So I said, "What the heck! Why don't I just work for myself?" And that's what I did.

Let's get a little personal...

  • I'm just gonna say it. I hate long walks on the beach. Because sand in your toes is like cleaning off glitter after a craft explosion.
  • I love reading long emails from my friends.
  • I am very finicky about spelling and grammar, so please tell me if you ever see any typos anywhere on my site.
  • I came runner-up in the third grade spelling bee at my school and am afraid I was never able to reclaim those glory days. Curse you, Nelson Chen!
  • I love love love Jamba Juice's Mango A-Go-Go and McDonald's fries. Don't judge me. 
  • When I find some alone time, I like to sit and do absolutely nothing! And sleep. Sleep is always good.

A little infographic for those who are more visually inclined...


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